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We are Revolutionizing Workforce Readiness

The development of high-quality, industry-backed micro-credentials and bootcamps are designed to up-skill and re-skill the workforce to the needs of the ever-changing American economic landscape.

Focus EduVation has been operating since 2009 as a DBA of Focus EduSolutions, Inc. Following a demerger from Focus Care, Inc., Focus EduSolutions is established with an unchanged ownership structure and is a part of The Focus Group, a global entity for over 35 years with diverse business interests in education, healthcare, e-governance, and securities.

Focus EduVation provides eLearning and online education technology solutions and services to the education, corporate, healthcare, publishing, and government departments. Focus EduSolutions, Inc. ( specializes in delivering Micro-Credentials, Bootcamps, and Corporate Mandated Certificate programs to colleges, universities, and industry partners.

Our Mission

Force One Cybersecurity, powered by Focus EduSolutions, is revolutionizing workforce readiness by bridging the gap between higher education and industry education in creating truly innovative micro-credentials, bootcamps, and corporate-mandated certificates that are built to the needs of the industry today and the job demands of tomorrow. We are committed to empowering our higher education partners in strengthening their role in workforce education in their local economies and committed to our industry partners in working with them to create truly transformational learning products for their workforce. To meet the educational, sociological, and economic changes of the future, higher education and industry must work together to meet the needs of all learners, who are our future. Focus EduSolutions is changing the future of workforce education in America.

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Who We Are

Focus EduSolutions is a Boston-based education e-solutions company that offers Bootcamp and Micro-Credential development to colleges, universities, and industry partners. We are partnered with institutions and associations across the US, bringing value to both our higher education and industry partners.


Meet the Visionaries Driving Our Educational Success - The Leadership Team at Focus EduSolutions

Anirudh Baheti

Anirudh Baheti

President & CEO

Anirudh is the Chairman and Executive Leader of FEV’s global parent company: The Focus Group. The Focus Group excels at providing solutions that contain a blend of innovative technology and high quality, scalable services to meet emerging and current market needs.

Vik Aurora

Vik Aurora

Senior Vice President

As a first-generation entrepreneur and at the age of 20, Vik started his career in the education industry and had never looked back. He has multi-domain experience and has worked in information technology, and human resource assessment with a particular concentration in behavioral competency-based retention, and e-learning.

Deepak Singh

Deepak Singh

Associate Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

A dynamic eLearning and Technology Sales Leader with over 15 years of experience in Corporate Sales. Deepak Singh is known for his tenacity and passion for building and growing the sales organization. Deepak has spent all his professional career learning everything there is to know about the eLearning Industry, Corporate Sales, and Inside Sales.

Randeep K Sethi

Randeep K Sethi

Associate Vice President - Projects

With over 25 years of experience in the education sector, she has a deep understanding of modern education and has a keen sense of being able to balance the curriculum to meet industry/student requirements. Setting up schools, training teachers, designing university courses, and a basket of other skills apart, Randeep is primarily a people person. Her passion to offer the best to society is what truly defines her. Her ability to bring together stakeholders towards a common cause makes her a force multiplier, synergizing organizational energies for an optimum customer experience.

Shyam Nair

Shyam Nair

Vice President – Innovations

Shyam Nair is a Vice President who works with clients, instructional designers, graphics designers, programmers, and visualization strategists to develop interactive and innovative eLearning programs. With an overall experience of twenty years in the industry, and over eleven years with Focus EduVation.

Vishal Kumar Headshot

Vishal Kumar

Vice President - Operations

Vishal has worked in operations for over 9 years with an overall experience of 17 years in Sales Marketing & Operations. In his current role, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, including product development, technical support, and finance. Vishal is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and optimize processes. He is constantly evaluating new tools and technologies to see how they can be used to improve the company's operations. He is very passionate about his work and always seeks ways to improve his company's operations.

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