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Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Equipping aspiring professionals with cutting-edge skills to defend against cyber threats and secure critical information in the digital age.

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  • 23 Weeks
  • 17.5 Hours of Instructor Led Training (ILT)

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Cybersecurity: Digital Defense Mastery

Welcome to the Cybersecurity Bootcamp, a 23-week immersive program designed to equip IT professionals with comprehensive skills in hardware, network, and application security. This journey begins with an introduction to digital defense basics providing the fundamentals of cybersecurity defense.

The bootcamp then delves into the intricacies of the cybersecurity landscape, gaining a comprehensive overview of operating system basics, secure coding practices, network fundamentals, network mastery and security, cyber defense strategies, and cyber threat hunting, empowering participants to recognize and thwart potential attacks effectively. Network troubleshooting and implementation basics of cybersecurity guide the learners in the practical aspects of securing digital environments.

The curriculum is dedicated to cloud security, cyber risk management, governance, cybersecurity threat management, software security, security operations, and compliance, providing an understanding of vulnerability management and cyber reconnaissance. The course culminates with cyber-attacks, web-based threats, and effective communication of cybersecurity risks preparing learners with the expertise and practical skills needed to excel as security practitioners, ready to navigate the dynamic challenges of the cybersecurity domain.


Course Overview

Enrolling in a certification program in cybersecurity is a great way to gain knowledge and experience in the field. It can help you to become better prepared to protect businesses and organizations from a variety of cyber threats. The certification can also help you advance your career, as many employers are looking for professionals with specialized knowledge and training in cybersecurity. Furthermore, you can gain the necessary skills to build a fulfilling career in the industry. With the right certifications and qualifications, you can become an in-demand cybersecurity expert, which can lead to a higher salary and greater job security.

Upon completion of this credential, you will be able to:

  • Describe the components of a PC
  • Explain the fundamentals of networking
  • Discuss hardware and network security
  • Discuss threats, attacks, and vulnerability management
  • Discuss network troubleshooting
  • Explain the implementation of cybersecurity
  • Define risk management concepts
  • Discuss security operations
  • Explain information gathering
  • Explain attacks and exploits
  • Discuss reporting and communication

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Digital Defense Basics: Beginning Your Cybersecurity Journey

Module 2: Cybersecurity Landscape: A Comprehensive Overview

Module 3: Operating System Basics: Getting Started with Operating Systems

Module 4: Secure Coding: The Foundation of a Robust Cybersecurity Defense

Module 5: Network Fundamentals: Exploring Network Basics

Module 6: Network Mastery: The Key to a Secure and Efficient Network

Module 7: Network Security: The Frontline of Cybersecurity

Module 8: Cyber Defense Strategies: Mastering Cyber Defense

Module 9: Cyber Threat Hunting: How to Find and Stop Cyber Attacks?

Module 10: Network Troubleshooting Mastery: Mastering Network Troubleshooting

Module 11: Cyber Implementation Basics: Getting Started with Cybersecurity Implementation

Module 12: Cloud Security: The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

Module 13: Cyber Risk Management: Understanding Cyber Risk

Module 14: Cyber Governance: Understanding Governance

Module 15: Cyber Threat Management: Understanding Threat

Module 16: Software Security: The Key to a Robust Software Development Process

Module 17: Security Operations: The First Line of Defense

Module 18: Cyber Compliance: Understanding Compliance

Module 19: Vulnerability Management: The Key to Preventing Cyber Attacks

Module 20: Cyber Reconnaissance: The Essential Tool for Threat Hunting

Module 21: Cyber Attacks: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Threats

Module 22: Web-Based Attacks: The New Frontier of Cybercrime

Module 23: Cybersecurity Communication: How to Effectively Communicate Cybersecurity Risks?




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