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Why Force One

At Force One, we are dedicated to enhancing your corporate's cybersecurity capabilities with a personalized and structured approach. True security goes beyond technology and extends to your workforce. Our diverse range of offerings is meticulously designed to cater to professionals at all levels within your organization. We are committed to closing the cybersecurity skills gap and addressing the talent shortage.


End-to-End Learning Program


Undertake a Fact Find

Analyze skills gaps, prioritize knowledge deficiencies, assess technical infrastructure, and offer guidance on suitable training modules.


Deliver the Program

Tailored curriculum, grant access to materials, offer support resources (FAQs, mentors, helpdesk), and provide flexible training options.


Assess to Ensure Outcome

Match assessments with learning objectives, measure skills, and determine proficiency using benchmarked scoring.



Share participant completion rates and scores, pinpoint areas for improvement, convey qualitative learner feedback, and report on business metrics.


Learning That Inspires Growth

Our team of learning experts employs modern methodologies to create training experiences that are engaging, interactive, and memorable. Learning should be more than an obligation; it should be a source of inspiration. Our workshops and simulations are designed to be:

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How It Works

Cost-Optimized Training Investment

Tailored programs that maximize the return on your training investment.

Customizable Learning Pathways

Flexible learning paths that adapt to your specific training needs.

Contextualized Upskilling

Training that aligns with your existing technology infrastructure.

Stackable Credentialing

Credential programs that offer exclusive academic alignments for recognition.

Grant-Funded Upskilling

Access grant-funded opportunities to support your training initiatives.

Immersive Real-World Labs

Practical hands-on labs that reinforce real-world cybersecurity skills.

Flexible Training Options

On-demand and live virtual training options that suit your organization's schedule.

Personalized Mentoring for Learners

Personalized mentoring that ensures knowledge retention.

Intern Hiring Pipeline

Developing a pipeline of skilled interns through our programs.


Cybersecurity Bootcamp Program

The Cybersecurity bootcamp is designed to prepare professionals for the ever-increasing demands of the IT security industry, equipping them with the essential knowledge and skills required to safeguard organizations against cyber threats. From authentication and security testing to intrusion detection and prevention, incident response and recovery, attacks and countermeasures, cryptography, and malicious code countermeasures, we cover all aspects of information security in this course.

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Force One Cybersecurity Bootcamp Program

Cybersecurity Micro-Credentials


Governance and Compliance – Insider Threats

Seat Time: 4 Weeks

Gain a comprehensive micro-credential to dive into the IT professional realm. Explore multifaceted industry roles, delve into security controls and risk management, and gain introductory knowledge of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) in cybersecurity. Equip yourself with digital security maintenance skills through compliance concepts, frameworks, policies, and controls.

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Incident Response - Ransomware

Seat Time: 4 weeks

Immerse in security operations with a focus on vigilant monitoring, incident response, and defense strategies. Cover vulnerability assessment, network testing, and recognition in this micro-credential. Gain expertise to create cybersecurity plans, manage vulnerabilities, and communicate risks effectively.

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Medical Devices, and Network Security Applications - Data Breaches

Seat Time: 10 Weeks

This course lays the foundation for a secure digital landscape, covering software troubleshooting, operational procedures, and robust security measures. The micro-credential offers comprehensive knowledge of network fundamentals, software security, and troubleshooting techniques for digital protection.

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Cloud Security – Cloud Risks

Seat Time: 4 Weeks

This course covers the foundational aspects of a secure digital landscape with a focus on cloud security. It equips individuals to navigate the complexities of securing data in the cloud. The micro-credential aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of cloud data security and threat management in cloud infrastructures.

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iStock-1347685698Supply Chain – Management

Seat Time: 4 Weeks

This course introduces IT professionals to their key roles and responsibilities, offering insights into diverse security controls. It explores malware concepts and the effective detection and neutralization of cyber threats. This provides a systematic risk management approach, emphasizing understanding and evaluating uncertainties.

Energy Network Defense

Energy Network Defense

Seat Time: 3 Weeks

This course delves into the world of seamless communication and effortless data sharing. It focuses on the practical deployment and configuration of computer networks. The objective is to equip individuals with the necessary skills to configure networks, implement security measures, and efficiently manage network infrastructure.

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Basic Plan

Upto 5 Learners

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5 to 20 Learners

Avail 15% Group Discounts

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Course Enrollment

Enterprise Plan

Over 21 Learners

Customized Plans and Discounts Available

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